Ok, lets pull the handbrake and talk a bit about why politics isn’t a viable solution nor is anarchy and why faith is important but not religion.

Any political system will be taken advantage of by some. It’s therefore flawed as viable long term option. It’s a to big part of human nature to

The following comes from a news article I read earlier today.
A jobless couple have been given a council ‘super-home’ for them and their ten children – at the taxpayers’ expense.
‘If I wanted 50 children, that is my decision. Who has got the right to tell me what to do? Why should anyone stick their noses into other people’s business?’
Although the father of 12 claims to struggle to cover household expenses, the family appear to own an array of hi-tech equipment including a widescreen Samsung television, a Sony DVD player, wireless internet, computer gadgetry and a pub-style fruit machine.
The 43yr old father said: ‘I have worked hard nearly all my life and paid a substantial amount of tax.
What difference is it to anyone else, whether I am working or not working?’
the rest of the article is here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2450754/Unemployed-family-12-6-bedroom-council-house.html

It’s obviously written to offend and shock the reader

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