Concert anticipation

Some people were already on site when I arrived. The doors of St. Johns in Hackney were still closed and a patient mixture of hipsters and electronic music geeks were hovering around the grounds of the premises, some with beer bottles or cans in their hands.

Tim Hecker, Vessel and Pete Swanson were going to entertain us this evening.
I was already familiar with Two of them. Tim released music on the legendary Milles Plateaux record label. One of his records ‘Radio Amour’ are now selling for £150 (I doubt my copy is in pristine enough condition for that sort of price though) but I haven’t heard any recent productions. I came across Vessel when he was signed to the british label Expanding Records which mysteriously disappeared after a few very active years. Pete I had never heard of but could imagine the nature of his music based on the other two. I expected something very ambient which would have been perfect of the stunning venue, an old minimal church doubling as concert hall for niche and emerging genres.

The ticket read ” Door opens/Start 7.30 ” but we were going to wait for a while before the first performer entered the stage. Unfortunately, the concert was unbearable so I left during the second performance.

Performing electronic music is to often visually boring. Predominantly some guy behind a table full of gizmos (or even worse if its just a laptop) twiddling knobs while completely disconnected from his audience. This was no exception.
I do appreciate the value of volume and bass when it comes to dance music, but when you are seated and the music is of a more atmospheric nature I don’t think more of those two makes it any better. It’s like pre-marinated meat covering its poor quality.

I’m going to end my rant now and show you some pictures instead.








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