A Technophobe

First of all. For you who don’t already know, I’m on Twitter now https://twitter.com/philipclevberge

The story is that I  missed out on to many things because I wasn’t on there. Also, as I often find interesting little things online that I think is worth sharing but not quite suitable for an entire blog post on there.

The reason why I didn’t join earlier was this equation: Valuable information / time spent on twitte = inadequate
The idea of a different world, intelligent digital rebellion and the motto of Gibson’s cyberpunk followers, “Information wants to be free.” rang nicely in my ear during my teenage years.
For me it was about getting hold of and sharing software on my Amiga 500 computer at the time. Little did I know how diluted information would become

When I moved to London the bubble became very evident.
I lived in East London around where most of my fellow students ended up too. Everyone worked in the same industry. If I would meet someone new it would most likely be a friend of a friend or through work and it was quite likely they where in the same industry too.





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