The word ‘koll’ is used in Swedish to describe a property of someone who is keeping an eye on something. Sometimes momentary, such as looking  after a friends bag while they are away. However it can also refer to in depth knowledge in (keeping a close eye on) a particular subject. It’s commonly used to describe being up to date with current fashion, music or other pop trends, but not necessarily. The abstract use of the word is more interesting. To have general “koll” can refer to good understanding of how the world works, current affairs, how to treat people, conflict management, predict the outcome of an event, to read different situations and behave accordingly etc.

While ‘koll’ is highly valued in a workplace, it’s not recognized by the school system (and many other contexts) as a valuable skill in it self. Maybe its because it’s falsely equaled to knowledge? Maybe the formula is as simple as character + knowledge = ‘Koll’? (and ‘koll’ + open mind = humble?) It would provide an answer to why a technically flawless studio musician might never be recognized.












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  1. Pappa says:

    ser ut som cordyceps som finns i norra Kina och Tibet.

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