So fast

It has been quite a while, almost 3 months since my last post. I decided to stop because there was a series of things I didn’t like about my former blog. That the interruption would cause me not to take any photographs was unexpected. Greater overview of posts, archive functionality, bigger photographs (and the technical kinks resolved by moving the blog to a dedicated domain) and mainly a clean slate will hopefully get me going again. The two previous instances of my blog can still be found at: and

Sometimes I get the feeling that writing about one self can be a bit self indulgent. But I have decided that

Im going to justify it with not indulging in Facebook or Twitter and after all it is a great way of keeping a record of my own life as well as a way for friends and family to get a flavour of what I’m up to.

I’m not going to backtrack the last 3 months appart from a photograph of a deer taken at this years first picnic at the end of February. Instead, I’m going to fast forward to last weekend. On the Friday we did a sort of first step farewell to my swedish friend Andreas. He wanted to go to the Duke of Cambridge a last time before his departure to New York. The pub does excellent organic food and micro brewery beer. ( Present was Andreas, Kalle, Mikkel, my self and Mikkels girlfriend Ulrikke arrived a little later.

Saturday entailed brunch with baked eggs at White Rabbit ( together with Andreas, Mikkel and Ulrikke. I had never been there before, it was a pleasant surprise. If you order the full english you even get home made baked beans(!). The rest of the day was pretty packed with sound recordings / filming at Mikkel and Ulrikkes flat,a photography exhibition at Sommerset house and then a fantastic light exhibition underneath the arches of Waterloo station. While in the area we popped into Radio Days ( where I bought a polka dot bow tie and then a short rest at the Scooter cafe where we hade coffee and Sailor Jerry rum (, an old scooter repair shop that has got its own cat (which was next door while we where there unfortunately). Back into town cutting through the street crowds during ‘record store day’ and visiting Gosh to check out their independent comic books ( I’m glad to see these have moved far beyond being about everyday depressing lives of art students. In the early evening we headed east again to check out the new Hack Space venue. There was some sort of house warming BBQ going on and most people where well over refreshed.

Sunday was a lot quieter. Although, I roasted my first whole chicken and made chicken stock for the first time, and had premiere lunch in my garden. In the evening I met up with Yoshi and Damon at The Duke of Kendal for some old fashioned singing. It’s one of those places where most people would feel cynical and reluctant to even try it. If you don’t want to set your prejudice aside I’m not loosing out. The piano is played by 87yr old June who used to entertain in the bomb shelters during WWII. The pub was featured on BBC Radio 4 this weekend ( fast forward to 16:30). The pub it self is quite ordinary.




IMG_3571Duke of Cambrige

IMG_3594White rabbit – Baked Eggs, Kale, Mushrooms, tomato and Scaramoza

IMG_3814Home roast chicken lunch in my garden



Mikkel and Ulrikke setting up recording for Ulrikkes school project.

Snap from the Light exhibition and Mikkel


In the tunnel under Waterloo

At the scooter cafe

at the scooter cafe

outside the scooter cafe

Radio Days + my very first home roast chicken.

Record store day. All independent record stores put on special events.











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  1. Pappa says:

    Kul att du är igång.+++++++++

  2. Mr Paws says:

    Welcome back Cat’s Apple, you have been missed. Your photos are as varied as always but there seems to be a new kind of style that I can’t quite put my finger on, sort of more crisp and three dimensional. What ever it is, please keep going … I await further pictures with eager anticipation. Can you please remove the “fonts from” tag bottom right as it is too easy to accidentally click on it, and you have to start all over again. I have done it three times already!

  3. Noel says:

    Hey mate, great pics as always. love the colours and light.
    The only thing I suggest is change the width of your copy. It is very wide and makes it a bit hard to read. If you’re interrested…
    It’s a bit geeky.

  4. Mark Goh says:

    love the look of the new blog. first post is a great way to start

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