The other side of things

Street Feast is a food / bar market on every friday evening in Haggerston. Tables in the middle surrounded by stalls cooking food and serving drinks from across the globe. It gets very busy so you better be there early. On one of the pictures we see a lady carrying a gross looking pulled pork roll but it seemed very popular. We didn’t go for that and we left before the place was absolutely flooded with skinny jeans and beards. The evening ended at Juho and Lottas fantastic flat on Kingsland Road, next door to the markets.




Streaks of sunlight reaching all the way to the back of a Garden Center in Stoke Newington. I never used to have a garden, well I grew up with one but it was never an intrest of mine and never had one since I moved away from home. It was not that I disliked gardening or anything, it was more a matter of something not crossing my mind, ever. There is bound to be endles things that one doesn’t appreciates until you have tried them. Gardening is a chore before you unveil all the life on magnifying glass level. It’s creating all the fine details that are so easily overlooked. 2013-05-12 10.45.48-2

‘Egget’ a former class mate of mine from Hyper Island has moved back to London. I haven’t seen him since 2004/2005.


IMG_4333-2 This picture should have been a part of the previous post. Its taken in the gardens of Cannizaro House in Wimbledon

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  1. Jumme says:

    Bra farbror och bra katt = Utmärkt post!

  2. Hanna says:

    Bilden på Egget. Det skulle kunna vara Svante.

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