An everyday evangelist

Wednesday, payday, the sun parading across the sky. A glorious end to a hectic start. Run, run to the station to realize my wallet including travel card was left at home. Arrive at work to find my access card was left at home. I was basically not meant to have any cards.

The day passed swiftly and turned into a spontaneous bottle of prosecco at the Filling station (combined with Shrimpy’s behind Kings Cross.

An empty bottle and a mobile phone memory card topped up with photographs.


Not in order

The stars live underneath the arches.

2013-05-01 20.15.45
I hope they found it, and that the lady got her self a new lipstick

2013-05-01 19.15.30
Once it was carbon based Algae that got our world growing, now we have cranes

2013-05-01 19.08.28

2013-05-01 19.07.12

2013-05-01 18.07.37
I wonder who she is. Her husband must be a lucky one

2 Responses to “An everyday evangelist”

  1. Hanna says:

    Haha, jag tycker det är ett under att du ibland hittar ditt kort och har med dig det. Så det så

  2. Goeran Buelow says:

    hej, hur hittar jag tillbaka till ankorna.
    Hoerde om ett nytt jobb. Grattis, grattis.
    Inger haelsar

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